10 things you should know about rachele brooke smith

'Cold Moon' star cheers, fights sharks, runs a YouTube channel and wants to inspire you.  READ MORE


Interview with mariel who talks releasing original music, being a role model and more

You are kind of known for playing the sassy girl in your roles, like in "Bring It On:Fight To The Finish". What is it about that type of character that you lobe?

I honestly don't know why those types of characters come so naturally for mee.. and I really can't explain why I love playing them so much. All I know is that I get this amazing rush from playing characters like that and I have so much fun doing it. It is probably because those characters are the complete opposite of who I really am... READ MORE


'Chalk it up' Actress rachele brooke smith talks her best beauty secrets

As the feisty and bold dancer Angelina in Chalk It Up, actress Rachele Brooke Smith channels her inner powerful athlete on the screen. The gorgeous 28-year-old star’s latest film hits VOD and iTunes today, and sees her returning to her sporty roots. As a former gymnast herself, Smith stuns with her toned physique, natural beauty and healthy skin. We spoke to the multi-faceted and versatile actress about her favourite products, secrets for a sculpted body and key makeup look., ... READ MORE


7 Questions With Rachele Brooke Smith

If you aren’t yet familiar with actress Rachele Brooke Smith, you very soon will be. This rising star, who also happens to be a dance phenom, is taking center stage in 2016 starring in The Nice Guys with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, ... READ MORE


515 Woman Unbreakable – Rachele Brooke Smith

What you will hear in our discussion with Rachele Brooke Smith:
Pursue the Hollywood dream
Say “no” to the naysayers
Burnout at age 13... READ MORE


Exclusive Interview: “Atomic Shark” Star, Rachele Brooke Smith

Exclusive Interview: “Atomic Shark” Star, Rachele Brooke Smith

Syfy’s “Atomic Shark” star Rachele Brooke Smith: How she’s become unbreakable in the industry and why backing down is NEVER in the cards! Rachele Brooke Smith has made quite the name for herself... READ MORE


Rachele Brooke Smith talks “Center Stage”, “Cold Moon” and “Atomic Shark”

Actress Rachele Brooke Smith has quickly made a name for herself in Hollywood. This year Rachele has already been seen in “The Nice Guys” and “Center Stage: On Pointe”, and will next be seen in Syfy’s “Atomic Shark”, - READ MORE



Get to Know Inspirational Actress Rachele Brooke Smith

Rachele Brooke Smith is best known for snagging the lead role in ‘Center Stage: Turn It Up’ – a complete dream come true. The busy Hollywood starlet has several films coming out in 2016, including ‘The Nice Guys’ starring Ryan Gosling and - READ MORE


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Rachele Brooke Smith Talks Center Stage: On Pointe

"I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and was a very competitive (and stressed out!) gymnast before getting into entertainment, but it was never the actual gymnastics that was my true love. I loved the performing aspect of it all. " - READ MORE



Actress rachele BROOKE SMITH Talks ryan gosling & her "unbreakable" journey

“I’ve been a big Ryan Gosling fan for a long time now,” Smith tells New You exclusively. “From an acting perspective, I am a fan of his career choices. But, what I loved is that he treats everyone with kindness on the set. He is dedicated and focused.”-READ MORE


RACHELE BROOKE SMITH q&a on city style and living

A I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and was a very competitive (and pretty stressed out)  gymnast before getting into entertainment, but it never was the actual gymnastics that was my true love.  I really just loved the performing aspect of it all. -READ MORE


actress RACHELE BROOKE SMITH gets real on life & career

Rachele Brooke Smith is an actress who landed the role of a lifetime. She quickly made a name for herself and is now on a booking streak. As a dancer and gymnast, Rachele has become the face of many national brand campaigns including Under Armor, Nikon, and Sketchers. -READ MORE


rachele brooke smith and the unbreakable female force

Actress and fitness role model, Rachele Brooke Smith, has a big year coming up. In 2016, she's going to be near you on the big screen in movies like "The Nice Guys", "Chalk it Up" and "Cold Moon". -READ MORE


the nice guys world premiere

Actress Rachele Brooke Smith attends the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures 'The Nice Guys' at TCL Chinese Theatre on May 10, 2016 in Hollywood, California. -WATCH VIDEO


Image & style magazine may 2016

We cover IndyCar racing. If a woman were a highly-tuned, com- petition-winning race car, we are certain she would be the subject we have chosen for this month's cover + article. Rachele Brooke Smith joins us again to tell us all about her cur- rent projects and the development of her company, Unbreakable Productions. -READ MORE


exclusive interview with jmg lifestyle

Rachele shares with JMG Lifestyle the latest with upcoming movie releases for 2016, the launch of her new fitness brand FreeYo, and plans for her Unbreakable foundation and new book called Action Hero At Life. -READ MORE


most magazine fitness issuu

As a world-class dancer with a remarkable background in both dance and athletics (jazz, hip-hop, ballet, modern, tap, break-dancing, boxing, martial arts, gymnastics, and partnering), Rachele is also a talented actress and inspiring role model. She has made a name for herself in Hollywood ever since moving to L.A. on a scholarship program when she was only 18. -READ MORE


Why I became an Actress- USC Interview

Rachele tells the story of how major life changes impacted and lead her into a career of acting, how she landed her dream role as the lead in Center Stage 2, (the sequel to the very movie that changed her life as a teenager) and how she believes in the power of storytelling in dramatically changing lives. -WATCH INTERVIEW


Perfect run interview- pushing limits

Rachele Brooke Smith is the living proof nothing is impossible, and has had roles in movies like Iron Man 2, Glee and Burlesque, Entourage, Scream Queens and The Nice Guys starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. She is ready to launch her eBook “How to Transform Your Stress Into Your Best” and is preparing an online fitness program and fitness clothing line called FreeYo. Let’s find out from Rachele the details about her lifestyle, and how can you overcome stress and most of all what is the key to success. -READ MORE



Red carpet oscars 2016- maximo tv

Rachele Brooke Smith talks about new films she has coming out on the red carpet at Oscars 2016 event with MaximoTV. -WATCH INTERVIEW


Naluda Interview


As an actress and inspiring role model, Rachele Brooke Smith has quickly made a name for herself in Hollywood. She has starred in a variety of films, television, and national ad campaigns, while continuing to expand her creative pursuits and spread her message of healthy living and positivity. The next year is shaping up to be a huge one for Rachele in film. Rachele has a long list of films set for release in 2016 including: ‘The Nice Guys’ -READ MORE


She Likes It Hot-Sharp magazine c--


Rachele Brooke Smith is making an earnest go of it, and has a pretty impressive career to show for it thus far. Dance-heavy background roles in projects like Iron Man 2, Glee and Burlesque eventually segued into parts with less booty-shaking in Entourage, Scream Queens and the forthcoming Shane Black crime flick The Nice Guys, starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. We’d call that a meteoric rise. Luckily, we were able to get a hold of the dancer/actress/yoga enthusiast to play a quick round of “Would You Rather?” -READ MORE




With everything in the world seemingly increasing in its negativity, it can be hard to stay positive about life and the pursuit to better oneself. There are a lot of self-proclaimed “gurus” out there, attempting to tell you how to live a better life, but how many actually walk the walk themselves?

Rachele Brooke Smith doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks that walk as well. Having suffered a life changing setback to her then hopes and dreams, Smith challenged herself to rebound stronger than ever. -READ MORE


Galore Magazine- rachele's daily routine


Besides her cinematic projects, Rachele also somehow has time to meditate every morning, journal her thoughts, teach dance master classes, do humanitarian aid, and work out multiple times a day, all while eating a healthy diet and managing two YouTube channels, one dedicated to achieving your dreams and one dedicated to fitness. -READ MORE