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Rachele Brooke Smith | Violaceous Group



Rachele Brooke Smith is an actress, film producer, entrepenuer, best selling author, and motivational speaker seen frequently on Hollywood screens, speaking on stages, and motivating fans around the world.

After playing the lead in the sequel to the film that changed her life as a little girl (Center Stage) and literally doing what everyone told her was impossible, Rachele is on a mission to empower others with her “HERO GENERATION” movement to create #HeroHabits, disrupt doubt, and become the hero of their own life story.

Since her breakout lead role in Center Stage: Turn It Up, she has been in countless films and TV shows like “Bring It On,” “Nice Guys,” “Burlesque,” “Iron Man 2,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Two and A Half Men,” “Atomic Shark,” “Scream Queens,” “Class Act,” Lifetime’s: “Psycho Stripper” and “My Sister’s Deadly Secret,” as well as an Inspirational film, “Be The Light,” a new comedy, “In Other Words,” her lead role, opposite Danny Trejo, in “The Last Exorcist,” and the films she is currently working on: a powerful psychologically thriller that is timely, relevant (#Metoo) film, you won’t want to miss, “The Method.” She’s also playing a lead character, Melanie, in a super fun new, feel good, action adventure film called, “Alien Country.” And she is currently filming in her new superhero, action film called, “The Legend Of The White Dragon” as “Iris Maine” who is the leader of the rebels, opposite Jason David Frank, Jason Faunt, King Bach, David Ramsy, Michael Madsen and more. She will also be staring in and helping produce a new animated film alongside several A-listers that is set to release in 2025.

Rachele also lights up the stage, and or screen, as a host. She has hosted world renowned events like the “Start Up World Cup” 4 years in a row and she is committed to helping elevate the human consciousness and spread her philosophy of using “The 5C Hero Habits” curiosity, creativity, compassion, courage, & connection along with empowering music, movements, mindsets, and movies as tools to help disrupt doubt, fear, and or limiting beliefs and help people become the hero of their own life’s story.

In addition, Rachele and her partner, Emilio Palafox, co-created their media company, Relationship Renegades, and co-host one of the best new relationship radio shows, Relationship Renegades. Their mission is to help people learn how to “FIND THEMSELVES & THIER DREAM PARTNER” and co-create a world where healthy relationships are the new norm.

“Sick and tired of toxic, unhealthy relationships? We are too. We believe that regardless of the challenges you have faced in your past, it's still possible to create the love and lifestyle you’ve always wanted. And, we're here to help you do that! @Relationship.Renegades

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