Unbreakable Workshop -


Rachele offers master classes for students of all ages that include breakout sessions to encourage students to find their artistic voice and inspire them to take action and stay motivated to make their dreams their reality.

Rachele loves to travel, teach and share her love of dance with students of all ages. Her boundless energy and positive attitude embodies one of her favorite quotes by Walt Disney "its kind of fun to do the impossible." Her unique outlook on life and passion for self empowerment inspires students to create the life they have always dreamt of. She goes over specific steps that encourage students to strengthen their power within, and develop their individual unique talents and abilities. All while having so much fun students wont even realize they are strengthening not only their bodies, but their minds and spirit's tool.

Her workshops utilize music and movement to create an atmosphere of fun, inspiration and excitement that can then be implemented into everyday life. Whether you have a large group of 200 or a small class of 10, she has a master class program that is fun, exciting, and inspiring for you. Rachele travels all over the world teaching. Included with the workshop, we offer inspirational lib-dub videos directed and choreographed by Rachele.


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