Racheles’s Filmography

Rachele Brooke Smith has appeared in numerous feature films and television shows. Her filmography includes The Nice Guys,  Iron Man 2, Burlesque, as well as leading roles in Center Stage: Turn It Up, Bring It On: Fight To The Finish,  Pop Star, Cold Moon, and more. On the small screen, Rachele Brooke Smith can also be seen on the new hit T.V. shows Scream Queens. 


Rachele has also had a number of appearances on the critically acclaimed hit Glee, most notably as a featured dancer in the season premiere episode “Britney/Brittany.”She has also guest starred on FX’s Anger Management, and the CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother, HBO’s Entourage, and on the season premier of CBS’s Two and a Half Men. For a full filmography, visit Rachele’s IMDb profile.

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