5 Awesome Ways To Transform Your Stress Into Your Best… Namaste Cheerin!

We have all been there. Guys and girls, teenagers and adults. When you just feel so out of control, you can't even recognize yourself. When your blood pumps and you feel so outrageous...you just have to do something to get those feelings out. You have to punch something, kick something, yell, or scream!!! 

Girls…you know to expect that you'll have at least one week a month where you just feel so off-the-wall bonkers, upset, crazy, agitated, in pain, dying for a piece of chocolate (or 30). How the heck do we handle that? How do we push past that? How do we all hold onto ourselves when we feel like jumping out of our own skin? 

Well, I can share what I do…and maybe it’ll inspire you to find what works for you!

1. Take time to step back. Whenever I’m reacting to things that normally wouldn’t bother me, I first take some time to step back. I give myself space to realize what the real problem is…that my hormones are changing…not that the problem in front of me is unsolvable. I sit, I breathe, I write it down if I need to. Sometimes just getting the words out of your brain, dumping them onto a page, or even talking it out - by yourself or with a friend - is a great way to regain some perspective on a situation. You don't have to be in problem solving mode to shift your view. 

2. Show some yourself some grace. It’s not my fault that my body is doing its thing. I have to just allow myself to be emotional and let it pass. But that’s just it…I know that it will pass. So I allow myself to feel what I need to feel…what I’m going to feel, regardless of if I want to or not…and tell myself that it’s ok. By letting the emotions flow through me, instead of holding onto them or being angry at the fact that I’m angry (what?!), I let them pass. 

3. Dance it out! This is one of my favorite parts!!! Sometimes I’ll just do it in my room by myself. I’ll throw on whatever jam I’m rocking to at the time and I’ll just bust a move. There’s nothing like getting some endorphins pumping to help boost your happiness level (amiright, Elle Woods?). An even better way to get that boost is to grab some friends and dance it out! When you’re all together having fun, sweating it out, laughing, and having a good time, it’ll certainly help to have your besties around lifting each other up.

4. Be your own cheerleader. And that may be the most crucial part right there: you have to lift yourself up. Cheer yourself on! When your internal world is topsy-turvy, look in the mirror and be like that little girl who stands on her bathroom sink and tell yourself how wonderful you are! You are HERE! You are PRESENT! You are WONDERFUL! You can tackle ANYTHING that life is going to throw your way….this week or any other week! You GOT this! 

So what do you say? When your hormones try to wreck your day, will you try this tactic with me? Look yourself in the eye and remind yourself, “Namaste Cheerin”! 

What if we all tried to give ourselves the grace and love that we would show our best friend, brother, sister, partner, or hero? When things are going crazy, is it really going to help improve my situation if I beat myself up? No! Pushing ourselves down only creates more resistance against growth and success. Think about it...if a tree were under a roof, would it ever grow taller than the roof? Of course not! It would stay stuck at one level. Remove that roof by loving yourself through your struggles.

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