Hero Habits | Rachele Brooke Smith


You are NOT your past, unless you choose to be. 


 The POWER of CHOICE and why choosing Curiosity, Creativity, Compassion, Courage, & Connection

can help you solve problems and BE the HERO of your own life’s movie. 


The more we follow our curiosities, the more we'll be able to learn new things, connect the dots, and use our

creativity to combine new discoveries with what we already know.


Each of our unique past experiences and knowledge, combined with a passion to learn and discover more,

leads to massive breakthroughs (in all areas of life).


But for most people, as they get older, they often lose this sense of novelty and exploration. 


They tend to favor certainty, security, and a simple way of making sense of the world. Ironically, it’s only once we become adults that our brains are developed enough to process new discoveries and turn them into new ideas and strategies.



In order to spark new levels creativity, focus on getting back in touch with your childlike curiosity.

“To always be childlike but never childish.“



Observe, explore, ask questions, and adventure into the unknown.


Opening your mind in this way will help you thrive in your current situation as well as create new opportunities that

would not be possible without a passion and the prioritization of curiosity and creativity. 



We are what we repeatedly do and think about....  therefore Habits are NOT just physical actions,  

they’re also what we think about and how we think about it. 


When in doubt, choose the

 “5C Hero Habits” 


Choose Curiosity 

Choose Creativity

Choose Compassion

Choose Courage

Choose Connection