An Awesome New Way To Overcome Our Insecurities... Nama-SLAY!!!

Why do we limit ourselves so much?!?!


Life can throw some crazy stuff at us sometimes...things like insecurities, fears, doubts, and challenges can seem to take over our lives out of nowhere. 


If who we become and who we are is dependent upon our response to these obstacles, there has got to be a better way to handle them then simply giving in to them. 


When we get thrown a challenge why can't we say simple say...



“No! I am not gonna stay stuck in this victim mindset. I know deep down I am so much better than that.  I can choose to disrupt those thoughts, ask myself more productive questions like, think more solution based thoughts, and choose to live from the powerful, confident part of myself and live fearlessly, pursuing my goals and dreams!”

Made from recycled water bottles, these leggings are so freakin' cute and  comfortable (and get ready to get stopped and complimented on the street or in class when you wear them).

But what makes these different from other Disruptive Apparel leggings?


These are specially made to help remind you of the inner strength you have to disrupt your fears and limiting beliefs. That you have the power to say no to any crazy challenge life may throw at you, and instead choose to say "Nama-Slay". I choose to "slay" fears, doubts, worries, insecurities, limiting beliefs...I choose to focus on all the amazing stories of people who didn't give in, who didn't give up, and who now are living their dreams and making a massive impact on the world. 


If they can do it, I can too. The only thing that is stopping me is my perception of any given situation. If I really wanted to...what thing could I go do today to grow, to love, to adventure, to shift my state? To create the life I really want to live rather than sitting here thinking and doing the same things everyday... staying stuck? I am committing to a life that has nothing to do with "a victim mindset", nothing to do with "stuck" or blaming other people or things for where I am at in life. I am committing to a life where "I am the master of my ship". I can choose to find the good in the bad, I can shift things, change things, disrupt anything that is holding me back from my potential.

With the new shirts and leggings in the NamaSlay line, you too can proudly show how you are letting go of limiting beliefs and crushing your goals. Slay that fear! When you're wearing these, you'll inspire others to do the same!


Fun fact: “Namaste” literally translates to “bowing to you”. With this new NamaSlay gear, you'll be bowing to the warrior within yourself!


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Written by Rachele Brooke Smith and McKenna Bradford