How Disruptive Thinking Can Change Your Life

Who do you want to be?

We hear this question all the time. But what if the real question we should be asking is “Who do you think you are?”

Our brains are designed like a circuit. Our thoughts (And maybe even more importantly, our feelings and beliefs about ourselves or a specific thing) can literally shift our reality.

Now, I know some of you might be thinking, “Oh, ok, so, I’m going to tell myself that I have a million dollars…but a million dollars isn’t just going to appear.” And you’d be 100% right!

I’d ask that you consider this scenario:

You have been in a coma for an extended period of time. You wake up with retrograde amnesia – where you don’t remember any autobiographical information from your time before your coma. Now, you have people visiting and telling you that you are actually a world famous brain surgeon. these visitors want you to get healthy and back to work. Knowing that you had all this prior success, you naturally act, think, feel, hold, and conduct yourself in a particular manner. You have an entire concept of who you are.

Now imagine that instead of telling you that you were an incredible brain surgeon, these visitors had told you that you were a janitor. Although both important jobs...Do you think you would conduct your life differently if you were living the janitor truth as opposed to that of the brain surgeon?

Regardless of who you were prior to the coma, you would live your life based off of what YOU believe about yourself now. What your brain is telling you and what you are telling your brain.

Ask yourself these Disruptive Power Questions questions:

-What beliefs do I have about myself that hold me back from living the life that I really want to be living?

- Who do I believe I am? What do I believe I deserve?

-Why do I believe that?

-How did that fear come into my life? How is it severing me?

-What are three new beliefs that I would have to have to be the person i want to be and be able to do the things I really want to do?


it all comes down to your belief system. the best part is that you get to choose what you believe. you determine who you are.

The issue most people face is that they unconsciously (or perhaps even consciously) allow others to determine this for them, rather than stopping, questioning, and deciding for themselves.

if you truly believed that you were the best in your field, you would walk, talk, think, move, and conduct yourself entirely differently, so much more confidently, than if you merely hoped you could be the best someday.

for actors, you would find that you connected more deeply with your characters, that you were so much more captivating to watch, that you spoke so clearly, that you made decisions with confidence and conviction. that, in turn, would make you so attractive that you would be drawing people to you. you would find more roles. you would create your own success.

Your brain is SO incredibly powerful. You simply must tell it what to do. and a very effective way to do this is by learning to ask better questions.

become a master at "disruptive thinking".

provide your brain with the proper wiring and you will find that the signals go directly to YOUR desired target.

if you are unsure of who you are, your dreams and goals will remain distant visions. take the time to sit with yourself and really think about what you want out of this life.

If you really wanted to...

what new product could you create?

what problem could you solve?

what area of the world could you explore?

disruptive dare: This week try asking the disruptive power question to any belief you have about yourself or the world around you...

"where did i get that belief from?"

"why do I believe it?"

"How is this helping me be the person i want to be and do the things i want to do?" 

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written by Rachele Brooke Smith and McKenna Bradford