6 Disruptive Thoughts That Changed My Life

Holy Crap! Can you believe we are now in 2017! So crazy right? 


What are you most excited about for this new year and what where your biggest lessons learned in 2016? 


Talking about lessons learned is one of my favorite things and what I have noticed leads to real and lasting change in our lives. 


These are 6 #DisruptiveThougths that have made the most dramatic impact in my life. I simply cannot even put into words how much practicing these ideas changed my life for the better! 

(Probably why I am so excited to share them with you) 


Try them, share them, and don't forget to share your #disruptivethougths so we can all help each other make 2017 the most positively disruptive year yet! 


1.    Stop thinking positive, think disruptive.

Thinking positive is great…finding the silver linings in life is a great way to remain optimistic. But simply thinking positive doesn’t remove the negativity. By shifting from always trying to think positive to thinking disruptive, we can actually make our thoughts actively productive. Disruptive thinking is like solution-based questioning. The thinking version of turning your frown upside down!


2.    Game-ify life as much as possible.

I found that by creating reward systems for myself, I was able to stay peaceful through any given stressful moment. The faster I could change my state from a negative one to a positive one... the more points I got that day. As soon as I got to a certain number of points, I allowed myself a big reward! I chose to reward myself with self-empowering treats like a massage , new outfit , etc. 


3.   Communication is the Bestification. 

 Being a good communicator (the biggest secret to a way better life!) Everyone sees, hears, feels, and experiences events and situations differently. Two people can experience the same exact event, but when asked about the event, each will likely present a completely different story. We can’t assume that anyone knows how we feel, or what we are thinking if we don't tell them. In fact, that kind of thinking can destroy even the best relationship. The faster we can learn how to communicate openly, honestly, and always from a place of love and compassion, even about the most difficult of topics, the faster we will be able to create the life of our dreams. 


4.    Everything is Figureoutable! 

No matter how difficult a situation may seem there is ALWAYS a solution. It might not be clear right away, it might not be what we originally wanted, but it's always there and it may even result in an outcome that’s better than we could have ever imagined. 


5.  Break Your Own Rules! 

We all have certain rules that we live by and if those rules aren’t met, it can throw us into a very unproductive state. We all create rules for ourselves - although most are unaware they do this - that are what we base most of our daily decisions on. If we can learn to "break our own rules" and create new ones that make it way easier to win everyday, we will quickly watch both our inner and outer lives transform from extremely stressful to extremely peaceful and happy. 


6.  Live for the lesson!

 One of the biggest reasons we feel sadness, frustration, anger, etc is because what we wanted didn’t occur. That simple idea that things should go the way we want them to, and if they don't we have reason to be upset, is insanity. This might sound super bold, but if we think about all of the uncontrollable things in our lives: the people, events, desires, beliefs, schedules, etc, not to mention everything that's going on inside our bodies that allows us to stay alive, we could see how it might be unrealistic to think that everything we want will happen just the way we expected it to. The more I learn to surrender to what is going on, rather than stay stuck in anger and frustration, always asking "what am I supposed to learn from this?" The better my life gets!


I can’t wait to see what new tips and tricks we’ll discover in 2017! 


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Written by Rachele Brooke Smith and McKenna Bradford