The First Step to Becoming a Badass: Confidence

Think of those people you look up to, whom you admire. What about them stands out to you causing you to take notice? It could be how well they perform in their chosen field, or how easy it is for them to spark conversation with anyone, maybe it’s how they dress or their overall outlook on life. It could be something different for each of these individuals that provokes your admiration, but the one characteristic consistent throughout is undoubtedly your role models’ confidence.

Confidence enables you to fill a room just as you begin to walk in. It turns heads, sparks conversation and enables you to succeed in anything you try. (Note: There is success in every failure if you are willing to get back up, take note of what to do differently and try, try again!)

Here are 3 Disruptives to building your confidence:

  1. Decision: Decide who you are and what you want. Begin by setting 10, maybe 15 minutes aside and ask yourself: Who am I? What do I want to be remembered for? Who do I want to be? These questions are fundamentally important because without them you cannot begin in an intentional direction. Block out all the noise around you when asking yourself these questions; there is greatness within you to be uncovered and pursued! Invest time in finding out where your greatness can take you!


  2. Visualization: it all begins from within and what you allow yourself to believe.

    Oprah was quoted “Create the highest, grandest version possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” Wise words spoken from someone who has lived them! Oprah embodies what it is to be confident and successful.


    You have it within you to move mountains, so take time out of each day to truly invest in envisioning where you want to be, who you want to become. This is powerful, you are powerful! (For a deeper understanding on Visualization check out my new ebook: A Disruptive Roadmap to being Unbreakable; r. pages 21-27)


  3. The Art of Smiling: Now that you are embracing the discovery and pursuit of you, doesn’t it feel good?! Don’t be afraid to show it!! Smiling is contagious and releases endorphins in the brain that keep your happiness going. Not only does it increase your level of optimism, but if shown in public, can cause an uproar of quantifiable positivity! How great of a feeling is that?!


     I am challenging you to spend those first 10 minutes pondering who you want to be, then just another ten minutes visualizing yourself being the person you want to be and what that looks like. Once you have done this, I dare you to go throughout the rest of your day smiling and sharing your smile with others. #DisruptiveDare


    As you begin to grow and work more intentionally towards your dreams and embrace being ever more you, confidently, the world honestly will appear brighter. Stumbling blocks will become stepping stones and you will have become someone who you, yourself admires. You are now 3 steps closer to becoming a confident badass and being ever more Unbreakable!


    For more insights into continuing on your journey to becoming Unbreakable checkout my new ebook: A Disruptive Roadmap to Being Unbreakable by clicking on the book cover today!



    Today I want to do a Double Dare! Are you up for it?! Along with the #DisruptiveDare to share your beautiful smile with others, I invite you to accomplish the same #DisruptiveChallenge that I just completed knocking out 22 push-ups. I know you can do it!! See the video link below for how I worked through it. I look forward to seeing you in action!


    **Post your photos and videos of you conquering the #DisruptiveDare and #DisruptiveChallenge so I can keep up with your progress and together we can empower others!**

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