New You - Actress Rachele Brooke Smith Talks Ryan Gosling & her “Unbreakable” Journey

Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe light up the screen in their latest film The Nice Guys, and joining them is the optimistic actress Rachele Brooke Smith.


“I’ve been a big Ryan Gosling fan for a long time now,” Smith tells New You exclusively. “From an acting perspective, I am a fan of his career choices. But, what I loved is that he treats everyone with kindness on the set. He is dedicated and focused.”


In the film, Smith plays a “super fun girl,” who appreciates an “awesome party” anytime, anywhere. Meanwhile, Reynolds and Crowe, two out-of-the-box investigators, look into a case that initially appears to be the suicide of a C-list porn star back in Los Angeles, Calif., in 1970.


It was this same dedication that she noticed in Gosling and Crowe—ironically—that has made her a coveted commodity in Hollywood. Although Smith is just now getting her feet wet in the entertainment industry, she already has earned roles in movies and TV shows including Scream Queens, Iron Man 2, Burlesque, and plays a lead girl "Avery" Bring It On: Fight to The Finish, starring alongside the charming Christina Milian. While Smith says she has enjoyed every role, it was the role of Kate Parker in Center Stage: Turn It Up (2008), the story of a hungry and determined dancer from Detroit on a mission to audition and earn the lead role in a New York City ballet dance academy that hits home for her the most. “Center Stage mirrors my life,” Smith says. “I went throught a lot for this role... I even had to auditioned for this role six times and then, finally, after months of a very up and down crazy process... I got it! It was a childhood dream.” This movie, Smith’s role in it, and how this film has changed her life, has led Smith to creating her inspirational web show titled “Unbreakable,” where Smith touches on living a healthy life and encourages fans to always have a positive mindset to achieve their dreams.  


“My company stems from my ‘Center Stage’ story,” says Smith. “I grew up as a competitive gymnast, but I was always stressed out and nervous all the time. It wasn't until I saw "Center Stage" and found my passion and love for acting and dancing that I felt what it was like to really love my life.”


“I was impacted by that film. After I saw It I knew THAT was what am I going to do with my life?’ and right after seeing the movie I knew I wanted to act, dance, perform. I was on a mission to inspire and change lives, becuase that film had changed mine.”

It did not take long for Smith to move to Los Angeles at 18 and, like most who move to the city of angels to chase their Hollywood aspirations, she went into her acting journey full throttle. Now, she is well on her way to adding inspirational coach to her resume.


“With positive thoughts, you can create your life the way you want to,” Smith says. “Every day I would google and research inspirational quotes. I really believe in the power of belief.”


“There is so much more to being successful than being physically strong,” Smith continues on her philosophy. “Attaining mental strength, emotional strength, and inner strength come first before having outer strength. I have an unbreakable mentality.”


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The Nice Guys was released in theaters nationwide Friday, May 20th, 2016.


You can also catch Smith in, Center Stage On Point, June 25th, A the lead girl in a new Syfy film July 24th, Cold Moon coming Oct. 28, 2016 as well as the drama Bomb City, and the comedy Chalk It Up.