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There are so many incredible and positive things happening in my life right now, and I am grateful Millennial Mag has featured some of my work and helping share my message of empowerment to others. It is a beautiful thing how we can lift each other and accomplish amazing things in life, we are meant to inspire and be inspired!
This interview gives insight into my “breakthrough” moment and how it changed the course of my life, and also how it became the foundation for my company and charity Unbreakable Dreams.


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Where are you from and how did you get into show business?


I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and was a very competitive (and pretty stressed out) gymnast before getting into entertainment. After breaking my hand during one of the best competitions of my life, I began to realize how truly unhappy I was and even though it was ridiculously hard. It seemed almost impossible at the time to quit, I eventually did find the strength to do so. I don’t think I will ever forget how sad and lost I was back then.


Around that same time I went with my family to see the movie “Center Stage” by Nicholas Hytner. This particular film was so powerful for me. I had crazy goosebumps, chills, and was filled with inspiration, I literally couldn’t move. I knew right then and there that I wanted to be just like that girl.


I went from feeling so sad, lost, and alone, to feeling more alive, full of joy and wonderment, than ever before. I wanted to act, dance, and perform more than anything and I wanted to do it for the rest of my life. After that moment there really was no looking back, I just knew that performing and storytelling was what I was born to do.  



Describe your breakthrough moment.

The plan was to go to my dream college that had one of the best performing arts programs, then go to LA to follow my dream of being a lead actress.


Fun fact: That plan failed big time and I didn’t get into my dream college!


After a few weeks of complete devastation, I saw an opportunity to audition for a super intense performing arts scholarship program in LA. I flew last minute to LA with my mom, auditioned, got in (yay!!!!), and had only 2 weeks to move and get all set up.


As soon as I finished the program, I got signed to a dance agency and tried to get in with an acting agency but got turned down and was very discouraged. A couple weeks later I saw a sign for auditions for the lead girl in “Center Stage: Turn It Up”, the sequel to the very film that changed me as a little girl. My initial reaction was there was no way this could be happening. It seemed so surreal, almost not even possible.


I ended up having to go in 6 different times for that role then finally got the call that Sony Pictures wanted to book me to play Kate Parker in Center Stage sequel, and that I would be leaving to film in Vancouver in a couple days.


(AHHHHHH HAAAAAA YAHHHHHHHHH!!!!) Yes, that was me screaming in my car!

It was a literal childhood dream come true. I was about to play the lead in the sequel to the movie that changed my life as a little girl, I was going to get to be “that girl” that inspired me so much. This crazy, beautiful, overwhelming, and to me somewhat miraculous experience was what has shaped my entire brand and company.



You are very involved in philanthropic endeavors. Explain some of the projects you are working on.

“Unbreakable Dreams” is the charity element of my company Unbreakable and I feel very passionate about getting this aspect of my company going. We ask people to send in their stories of how they are living the Unbreakable mindset and share their dream/goal. We will pick one story a month to help make it a reality, and in a fun and creative way. We will also be doing videos to feature these stories to continue to inspire people to fight for their dreams.


I also love working with Empower Her, Agape International Center, A place Called Home, and Feed The Hungry.

Tell us about your web series “Unbreakable.”

Unbreakable was inspired greatly from my Center Stage story, and is centered around what I have learned along my journey of both going after and achieving really big dreams. Working on Center Stage was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, so surreal and challenging, yet really beautiful all at the same time. From this experience, among many others, I created my brand Unbreakable.


Unbreakable Productions, my company, provides fun and inspirational content and products on a regular basis to help viewers discover their strength within, utilize the power of inner-inertia, and remain Unbreakable through the challenges of life.


One of my very favorite things in life, is when I get letters and video messages from fans and those that have attended one of my workshops. The letters have written things like “because of your workshop, I finally have the confidence to go after my dream, love myself, or have the strength to not to listen to all the people telling me I can’t do things I really want to do.” One particular favorite letter was from a girl who said she used to harm herself, and after my workshop she never did it again, as well she had started her own program to help others who had her same problem.



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