Change your perspective, and change your life

A Perspective Shift That Will Help You Lose Weight, Be Happier, and Improve Every Aspect of Your Life



Growing up as a gymnast I was always an entirely stressed out girl. It wasn’t because I was born into stress as my parents were always encouraging, not yelling or forcing me to succeed. It was really more of the personal stress I put on myself. Constantly worried about being perfect and having to be the best placed a ridiculous amount of stress even in my young life.


As a direct result I started experiencing stomach problems, and already at the age of 16 I had developed an ulcer from being stressed and overwhelmed all the time.


My lifestyle didn’t allow for much personal time to take care of my body. It wasn’t as though I was unhealthy, and in fact it was quite the opposite. Even at 16 I was already working with a trainer and eating on a meal plan, having 5 meals a day I would bring to school with me. It was intense at an age when everyone else was eating fast food and out drinking.


My schedule was increasingly active and I was always on the go. Waking up at 6 am everyday and going from thing to thing—before school study, going to school, being captain of the dance line, student body president, dance right after school, competitive dance, acting classes mixed in there, sometimes get in an extra breakdancing class until 1 am in the morning—and then wake up every morning and do it again.


This didn’t leave much time for hanging out, but at the time I didn’t really know any differently as this was just what I thought was life. It was what I considered normal


Little did I know all this activity was actually physically making me sick. Up until the time when I finally quit gymnastics (about the age of 13),  I felt nervous all the time and was sick regularly. I found myself staying home ill many times because of the extreme stress levels.

It wasn’t until after I saw the movie Center Stage I decided to get into acting and dancing that I finally felt happier and not so afraid all the time, I had finally started to experience a whole new way of living. Even though I was doing dance and loved it (and wasn’t throwing up every week like I had in the past), I still wanted to be the best all the time.


The stress never really went away. I continued to push myself and the cycle of over-exertion and chronic stomach problem continued.  It wasn’t until after I moved out on my own after high school and looked at how other people lived, realizing people didn’t have to live this way--I didn’t have to live this way anymore. What I thought all these years was normal, was a twisted reality that was sending my health on a downward spiral.


One moment that challenged my way of previous thinking was when I started reading a book called A Man Thinketh, and for some reason was drawn towards it and I became hooked on everything to do with the power of our thoughts and personal development. It started this new obsession on learning to control the way we think and how it affects the reality we are creating and living.


I kept thinking how come nobody told me I could live like this?


I also started listening to audio cds my uncle had given me and every time I would listen I would get this energizing feeling and thinking I want to tell everybody about this, so they could start living an amazing and stress-free life. I made it my personal mission to change my own habits and way of thinking so I could transform my stress into something more positive in my life. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but it would for sure be worth all the effort.


My life has always been demanding. Going from being a gymnast to a dancer, and eventually into an acting career—the stress has always been (and most likely will continue to be) present in my life. I am always putting myself out there and opening myself up to constant rejections and critique. Stress will be inevitable, but what needed to change was how I would respond to these stressful situations.


My chronic stomach problems I developed at a young age were getting worse. It was getting so bad I couldn’t eat anything without felt sick, but if I didn’t eat I was weak and nauseous. My energy levels were low and I know I needed to get this figured out once and for all.


Over the years I have developed essential skills in lowering my stress levels so I could maximize my life experiences and be the best version of myself. I am currently writing two different EBooks on these skills, or tools, that have made a tremendous difference in my life and I truly believe learning to take a few minutes out of your day can make a wonderful impact in your life as well.


Both of these EBooks will be released soon and I cannot wait to share them with all of you! Remember we were designed to live out amazing and incredible lives. Learn to remove the stress and whatever else is holding you back, so you can open a new freedom to experience all that life has for you.