Ever wonder why good or bad things happen to you? Something incredible happens to you, it’s only a coincident, or “good luck.” You notice bad things showing up in your life and you immediately turn to bad karma.  Is it really a coincident, or it is maybe something bigger than that? It very well could be the universe responding to us. This is the biggest and most impactful lesson that I've learned throughout my life so far. That we live in a "return to sender universe."

Whatever you are sending out, that is exactly what you will be getting sent back.


“The universe is not happening to us, it’s responding to us.”  


The universe has a funny way of giving you back exactly what you give it. Fair trade, I’d say? If you are putting positive energy into the world, inevitably, you will begin to see positive changes come into your life. The same thing goes with negative energy, you can’t fill your space with negativity and expect positive things to happen to you. Moment after moment your life is being created based on your energy, it’s the driving force of your entire being.


The universe is giving you what you’re giving it. It is responding to your conversations, your desires, dreams, and thoughts. Your thoughts become things, so you must focus all your thoughts on positivity! The biggest way to take initiative of this is to speak life out into the world. Declare what you want through every resource possible. Scream what you want, write down what you want, tell other people what you want; that amazing energy will respond to you! Your happiness and positivity will be rewarded and bend in your favor- due to your amazing energy!




Mental Mission - Myalo

Today, make it your sole mission to declare positive thoughts and desires into the world. Whether that is writing it down, or talking aloud in your car. Make it your mission to rehearse and recite those words throughout the day so that you are armed when a negative experience rolls in. Look at your results throughout the day and watch as the universe responds in your favor!

Active Mission -Soma

    Get movin’, and groovin’! Today, take time away from the world to sit and meditate on what you desire the most. Sit in silence and think about what it is your want, and what you need to do to make sure that those desires align with the way you’re acting. Does your energy align with what you’re asking for? Make it your mission to spend time alone in meditation.

Soul Mission - Kardia

In this crazy world it’s hard to always be positive when negative things are jumping in. Take some time today to focus on what you can be truly the most grateful for. Think outside the box, yes we are truly blessed to have a bed to sleep in, but what’s something that you don’t usually think about? Taking time to reflect on the great things will leave you with more blessings, and more love!

 disrupting old THought patterns that don’t benefit you will change your entire life. I know they have changed mine. And I am so excited to hear from you all about what happened when you IMPLEMENTED these disruptive ideas.  

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