Word Changer Wednesday- What Former Gang Member, Ryan Blair, Taught Me

The inspiring Ryan Blair, CEO of ViSalus, # 1 New York Times bestselling author of Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain, and serial entrepreneur who changed his life from being a high school dropout and gang member, to world renowned Entrepreneur and millionaire. Ryan recently released his new book, Rock Bottom to Rock Star-



On this #WorldChangerWednesday we celebrate Ryan Blair for his incredible authenticity, and his love for failure and sharing his failures with the world! Ryan has taken extreme adversity and turned it into a lifestyle, a lifestyle that he strives to teach others.


Ryan said it best, "everyone has their own set of rules, their rules don't have to rule you."


I believe the biggest misconception in today's society is to listen to what everyone around you is saying, and to follow them. Listen to the rules and regulations that are set up, listen to what your peers say, listen to your teachers, play the game that the rest of the world is playing.


The entire #disruptive message is based on breaking that thought pattern in which we need to listen to what we are told. Ryan explains that their rules might not work for you! Going to college might not work for you, but it works for them! Don't let these rules dictate your life, because they will. If we continue to allow them to rule us, we will unconsciously brainwash ourselves. You have the amazing choice of being able to decide if the rules you hear are rules you need to abide by. Disrupt the habits of letting other people's rules, rule you.


"If you haven't failed, you're doing something wrong." -Ryan Blair


Ryan would argue that if you haven't failed, you're doing something wrong. He states that you have to fail your way to the top! You can not win the entire time. Life without failure and rock bottoms is a life without excitement and challenges. There is not a single successful person on this planet that did not fail his way to success. #Disrupt the habit of believing that can't fail. Fall in love with failure, fall in love with #disrupting

-How will you #disrupt the system and create your own rules?

-How will you #disrupt your thought patterns to fall in love with failing?


Check out my Facebook Live on Ryan Blair below!