What You Wear Changes The Way You Feel. Feel Empowered. Be Disruptive.

Do you remember when you were a child and you put on that superman cape, or the entire Cinderella outfit and you literally turned into that character? You transformed. You were that person with superpowers, or the beautiful princess. What if you could be that person today, everyday! Without wearing a cape/crown….

If you didn’t already know this, clothes have power. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Why is it that certain clothing gives us that extra oomph, the oomph to do everything you want to do. Researchers call this phenomenon Enclothed Cognition.

What that means is that we give symbolic meaning to the clothes we wear. There’s a reason tailored jackets are associated with being ‘dressed for success’.  It seems that wearing formal office wear and structured clothes puts us in the right frame of mind to conduct business. Dress the message, they say, wearing powerful clothes like a suit and tie makes us feel more confident, and it makes us feel like we have all the power- because my expensive suit says so.

What’s your favorite outfit? What outfit would you wear out on dance floor, what dress gives you the extra confidence to walk right up to that handsome guy? You’ve associated that dress with power, with powers to do things you usually wouldn’t do!

Scientists did a study on two gentlemen wearing the same coat, one was told his was a doctor's coat, and the other was told his was a painters coat. Both men were tested in the same experiment. When finished, the man that was told his coat was a doctor’s coat, inevitably did better than the other. Why?

Some clothing, more than that others, we associate with power; like the suit we talked about earlier. When told you are wearing something of power, something that someone wears when you do crazy surgeries , you are prepared to be more attentive and more careful.

You can change actual behavior and performance just by wearing something associated with power, or something that makes you feel powerful and confident. The symbolic meaning you put onto your favorite pair of jeans will constantly remind you, I look good, i’m gonna do good.

Unconsciously, we behave in ways that are congruent to the way we look. If we look good, we live good. Dressing for the role of confidence.

Wearing red will make you feel powerful!

Did you know that wearing just the slightest bit of red gives you more confidence than any other color? Wearing red sends the good feeling hormone, serotonin, up to new levels that gives you the feeling of power. It’s also a color related to dominance, and persuasion. Do me a favor, the next time you go out, put some red on. Let us know what you noticed about yourself!

Wear more blue to calm down!

Why is blue everyone's favorite color? It simply evokes calmness. This is obviously the reason that my closet was my “safe haven” as a child. I knew that I could calm down in there! Whether you’re wearing blue, or in a room that is blue, calm chemicals are produced.

Wear all black to your next meeting for more authority!

Black is known as the color of authority. Want to feel in-charge, wear ALL black. It is well known that wearing black makes people appear thinner! It implies submission, that’s why priests wear black, it signifies their submission to God.


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