Three Disruptive Challenges To Help You Take Back Your Life And Control Your Emotions!

"How you feel is a product of how you think you feel"

The Magic of Thinking Big

What if I told you that you create the way you think simply by putting meaning to sensations. There is a bizarre difference between how we feel and how we think we feel. For example, someone hurts you and you feel incredibly bitter and angry towards them; we think we should feel bitter, we have the right to; right? Or, should we try to take the situation out of context and look at their perspective, their side. This relates to mob mentality as well, we think we are suppose to dress that way, and look this way.

Why do people feel stuck in inevitable, emotional turmoil? We are wired to think that we should feel that way, so we can’t move on. No emotion lasts for any significant period of time – that’s not how they’re designed. People don’t lie when they say it will get better, or it happens for a reason, we are designed to feel, grieve, and move on. It’s only the cognitive influence that keeps up fueling that feeling over and over again.


Mental Mission - Myalo

Decide today to focus only on positive thoughts and if or when a negative thought enters your mind, instantly replace it with a positive thought. Write out five designated positive thoughts that you can have ready to go and fresh in your mind, so that if you hit any challenges you will be armed and ready to choose thoughts that will uplift you.  Anytime a negative thought tries to creep in automatically “flip the switch” it with something you are grateful for or excited about! The greater you think the greater you will feel!


Active Mission -Soma

We are wired to move, so let’s move! Trick your metabolism by getting up and moving every hour. Every hour today do 30 jumping jacks (and don’t worry about looking silly, you will be surprised at how much you will motivate people to jump on the “move train” simply by seeing you do so) When you do this you will automatically boost your metabolism, increase your energy and “feel good hormones,” as well as crave healthier foods!


Soul Mission - Kardia

In this crazy fast pace world taking 10 min of “me” time can change the course of your entire day! Take some me time today and do something that makes you happy! It can be anything from meditating to blaring your favorite music and dancing around in your room, as long as it makes YOU happy! The power of FUN is way to underrate, plus when you remember to take care of yourself first you will have much more love and energy to go around!


My Disruptive Challenge for you is to feel as positive as you possibly can! As you've just read, you're capable of assigning feelings to sensations. Challenge yourself to assign positivity to every sensation you feel, even if it doesn't feel right! Choose positivity, write down what you're thankful for, go dance in your backyard while your neighbor is watching, spend "me time" collecting your thoughts, reflecting, and challenging yourself again! I dare you! 


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