Commit to Love

“Love is not what makes the world go around, it’s what makes the ride worthwhile.” How different would your day be if you chose to focus on loving yourself and loving others more today? It’s amazing what can happen to our days and ultimately our life, when we make simple daily intentions like this one. I tried this one out the other day and was blown away by the positive impact it made, not only with my overall attitude but also the people I met and the experiences I had. Due to the fact that I made this simple mindset shift, a new, dream job, friendships, and eye opening humbling experiences came into my life. I know for a fact I would never have had these experiences, if I was living without that intention. If you are like me at all and are always looking for ways to improve your life, starting out your day with a simple intention like this one is a sure fire way to accomplishing an ever evolving life.