EmpowerHer, “Rising Star Award”

Thank you "EmpowerHer," for their incredible love and support (not only for me,) but for girls and women everywhere!

 I am overwhelmed with gratitude for their kindness in giving me this incredible award. It is because of people like them that I am where I am today. I have made it my life’s mission to help and inspire young women in any way that I can. I started my Unbreakable Foundation because I was just a little girl with a very big dream and learned first hand how having a vision, dedication, hard work and people who help you along the way can result in getting to love yourself, your life, and live your dreams every day.


I was just a little girl who was very lost, living an extremely stressed out life with no vision of what I really wanted. I saw a film that changed my life and I committed to work every day to be able to be like that girl dancing and acting up there on that big screen. Every single day, I lived and breathed acting and dancing. I made a huge leap of faith to move to LA when I was 18 to go after that dream. This was one of the most challenging, terrifying, yet amazing experiences of my life. I did a year in a performing arts scholarship program that was one of the most strenuous times of my life. A month after I finished, I saw a casting call on the wall for the sequel to the same film that changed my life when I was a little girl. Believe it or not I almost didn’t go… But I swear I heard a voice that told me I had to go. Six auditions later and a roller coaster ride of emotions, I actually got to play the lead in the sequel to the film that changed my life… Kate Parker in Center Stage Turn IT Up.


Because of my life experience, I believe very deeply in the power of having a dream. Working on yourself everyday mentally, physically, and spiritually so you can always be prepared to face any Unbreakable challenge that life may though at you, you will be able to make any Unbreakable dream a reality.


If I could say one thing to every young girl out there who ever doubts themselves is that you are always more beautiful, powerful, creative, and capable than you think are. You do have the power to create the life that you want and you can make your dreams become a reality… and if you are ever having a hard time believing in yourself I hope that my story will inspire you to just start and always keep going. You can do it, I believe you will do it…. Now all you need to do is believe. Know what you want in life, know why you want it, and visualize yourself doing it every day. Do something (even if it’s small) every day that moves you closer to it, and before you know it you will be living it.


Stay strong, stay passionate, and stay Unbreakable. Thank you more than I could ever express.