Why I love the Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard


Brendon Burchard is by far one of the most inspirational and influential people in my life, and the lives of millions all over the world. It is because of dreamers and fighters like him that new leaders and world-changes are shaped and formed. If it wasn't for him, I know I would not be who I am or where I am today.


Bellow is a list of my top 24 favorite excerpts from his new book, Motivation Manifesto, that would help any action hero at life while training to excel.


I know implementing these ideas and principles into your daily life will catapult both your overall happiness and your success to a level you once had only dreamed about.


Thanks Brendon Burchard for being such an Unbreakable Action Hero at Life!




1) By refusing to BEND on our values, we become UNBREAKABLE - solid and stable, courageous and certain, men and women of valor, worth, and character.
2) Life can lose its vibrant aura and charm if we do not BEND our minds toward positive engagement and appreciation.
3) How would my best/ highest self respond to this situation?
4) What words describe you? What words do you want to describe you? Decide now and match your thinking and your actions to who you want to be.
5) On a scale of 1 to 10, how much joy and gratitude am I bringing to this moment?
6) The Joyous Masters know that struggle does not always have to equal suffering. Let us learn from them and remember their complete joy and spirit, and meeting life's demands, stretching beyond comfort and pushing through times of expression and low achievement.
7) Stop facing reality and start creating your reality. It will change as soon as your vibration changes.
8) If joy is lacking in our lives, we must accept the clear truth that we are not often enough bending our way to joy.
9) Won't releasing expectation, especially the expectation that perfection should surround us everywhere we go, bring new delights?
10) The secret to life? Be child like! Be curious. Release expectation.  Take pleasure in small things and expect good things Carefully engage the moment.
11) We do not need to wait for more resources. We need to act and we will find abundance comes to us. We do not need to wait for perfect conditions. We find perfection in progress. We do not need to ask in order to receive. We need to give in order to receive, for in giving we are given to.
12) All those who achieve greatness have a certain mindset. The first mark of such a mindset (the UNBREAKABLE mindset) is believing that reality is BENDABLE to our will. Those who lack this belief never advance with great power and consistency.
To them their vision trumps reality. Their dreams have more weight than their circumstances, because they know circumstances are alterable with enough sweat and toil and dedication.
13) Reality can be BENDED, shaped, and changed by my direct actions and so I will act with consistency to forge my ideal life.
14) You are responsible for your reality.
15) Decide what you want of the world and go make it happen.
16) No clarity, no change, no goals, no growth.
17) We must believe that we can bend reality to our preferences, crafting the lives we desire through disciplined learning and initiative.
18) Give your personal growth enemies a shape, a form, a character that you can visualize. Then find and give your weapons to defeat those characters. Ex, the three-headed serpent of Doubt, Delay, Division can only be defeated by the sword of courage forged out of Faith, Action, and LOVE.

There is something so empowering about visualizing yourself as a warrior killing your enemies from within!


Maybe it is just the actress in me, but my mind connects with this, leaps for joy even, at this idea and knowing that I have such incredible belief in my ability to overcome personal challenges that I have been struggling with for some time now.


What are your biggest personal growth enemies and what character can you create for it that will help you want to defeat it the most?


What will be your weapon of choice? One that you will arm yourself with, that will make you feel like the most courageous and strong warrior ever, ready and be confident in your ability to win your battle?

19) Let us remember that when we take action an indivisible force gathers all around us pulling in opportunities that align with our purpose propelling us with momentum to our freedom.
20) If I were unafraid and acting from my highest self what would I be doing to move forward in life?
21) Let us remember the sad but sure truth: the only permission ever granted by society is permission to follow its norms and traditions. No one will grant us permission to answer quickly because they fear of being left behind or being made a fool for clinging to a world already fading and relevance
22) Perhaps it is time to remember that my higher power granted us all the permission we need to follow our heart. The universe, nature, and God gave us power. It is not our duty to give it away by letting our choices be directed by others.
23) We must remember that the power to direct our destiny comes from a mindset that makes us willing to struggle through learning, effort, and growth.
24) None of us will rise tomorrow and say, "I do not wish to advance my life". But our wishes are not what are measured at the end of tomorrow- only our actions shall speak to who we are and what we really desire.



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