Become the action hero of your life


What does being an action hero at life mean?



Being the action hero of your life is living everyday from the realization and mentality that you are the star of your own film. In fact, you are more than just the star. You are also the writer, producer, director, and main actor.






  • It is seeing life through a whole new creative lens. A lens that will actually empower you to be the very best version of yourself, and you get to do it in a fun, creative, and badass kind of way.


  • It is waking up everyday and accepting to play the role of the leading kick-ass action hero that you were meant to be.


  • It means letting go of any old self-limiting beliefs and stories you have been telling yourself, and replacing them with new beliefs and stories that will empower you to be the ultimate version of you. 


  • It is truly believing and living the POWER OF YOU!


  • It is working everyday to strengthen not only your body, but also your mind and your heart, so you know you are the strongest and your most powerful version.


  • It is being fully capable to stand up and overcome any challenge that comes your way.


  • It is realizing that you are the only YOU there will ever be...EVER! You are the only person that will ever live your life, has your unique talents and abilities, and can impact the world in the way that you can. There is an amazing amount of power in that statement.


  • It is believing in your ability to get back up again when you fall down.


  • It is knowing that whatever happens, you have the ability and strength to not only figure things out, but that you will be stronger and better because of it.


  • It is seeing your body and your life as an amazing gift and adventure.


  • It is living consciously everyday knowing that the small everyday choices you make. From the food you put into your body to the way you treat random strangers, all the way to how you talk to and treat yourself actually really matters. It is these small little acts everyday that are shaping your overall health, success and happiness in life.


So next time you find yourself in a challenging situation ask yourself:


"If I where playing the action-hero in my movie right now, how would I view and handle this situation?"