The Power of your Mylao


"How can I INSPIRE today?"


This is one of my favorite, “Unbreakable Action Hero at Life (AHL)” questions I ask my self at the start of each new day. Committing to be a warrior, or protector, of your Maylo (your mind) starts with asking your self-empowering questions on a daily basis. This will allow you to live in a creative, productive, kick-ass action hero state throughout your day and your life. We constantly ask ourselves seemingly insignificant questions with out even recognizing the impact that they have. What holds most people back in life is that they allow victim character thoughts like, “why is this happening to me? Why am I so unlucky? Why can’t I figure this out? “ to constantly be on repeat in their head. How different would your life be if you committed to only allowing questions that an Action Hero would think, like, “What can I do to make this situation better? How can I solve this problem? Why am I so lucky?”


Your active (mayo) mission is to write down 3 Action Hero (AHL) questions to have ready to go. These will replace any victim thoughts that may be running through your mind. Remember to choose questions that will actually empower, uplift, and allow your mind to get into a productive state of thinking so you can be in a constant state of overcoming any challenge that may occur.

Have fun with this! The more you start viewing yourself, and seeing the world around you as an action hero would, the sooner you will realize a dramatic and positive transformation in your life.

 For more, check out this video.

Also, don’t forget to share your favorite Unbreakables!