Unbreakable Workshop For CHAARG LSU

Unbreakable Workshop For CHAARG LSU



When I am not working on a movie or TV show, one of my absolute favorite things to do is to teach my Unbreakable Workshops in different cities around the world! These workshops are powered by the Unbreakable philosophy, “Movement With A Message.” It’s a combination of a very empowering message, goal, setting, life hacking, and one of my fun high energy, Free-Yo Fit workouts (Free-Yo Dance, YogaFlow, and or HIIT). We don’t just talk about or write down ideas. We take all the inspiration, life goals, and new personal commitments, and take it to the floor. We take everything we have discussed and have worked on together that is now floating around in our Myalo ’s and get into our entire being - Kardia, Soma, & Myalo. All of these elements can result in a life changing experience.


I recently went to LSU to teach an Unbreakable Workshop and had the most incredible time. It was one that I will never forget. I got to teach to the Chaarg girls there and let me tell you, these girls are truly amazing. Chaarg is an organization that has groups in universities across the country that, “Liberates girls from the elliptical.”  As soon as they reached out to me, I feel in love. I love everything that they stand for, and was even more in love when I got to meet their girls at LSU. They were all so full of life, open-minded, passionate, warm-hearted talented girls, whom I know will all make an incredibly positive impact on the world.


I was inspired to focus on the message of “Loving yourself a little more everyday” with them (I bring something a little different to each workshop) and I taught them a FreeYo Dance to Haliee Stiendfields new song, that I am so obsessed with, “Love Myself.” We not only discussed how important it is to have self love, how to obtain more of it, how much better your life, and the lives of others around you will be, when you have it. We danced like crazy, to empowering music that further implanted this powerful life perspective, so precisely, that it became a deeper part of every person there.


I have to say a special thank you to LSU and every Chaarg girl that attended and truly hope they know how incredibly special, talented, strong, and beautiful (inside and out) the all are. I know that they will all go on to do amazing world changing things with their lives, and I hope that having been able to experience an Unbreakable Workshop with me impacted them in a way that they will never forget. Hopefully, they will love themselves a little more each day, believe in their ability to do incredible things, bend, but never break, create the lives they want to live, and make every unbreakable dream a reality.


Do something that makes you happy! Don’t forget to ask yourself on a daily basis one of my favorite Unbreakabes,  “What can I do to love myself a little more today? “


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