Happy Thanksgiving From Scream Queens

Working on Scream Queens was one of my favorite experiences. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with such an incredibly talented and wonderful cast, including, Chad Michael Murray, Alan Thicke, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Glen Powell, Emma Roberts, and Lea Michele.


I absolutely loved playing Mrs. Muffy Radwell. As well as being a part of such an awful, yet amazing family, and working with such an incredible cast and crew. I have a huge respect for everyone I worked with and truly hope I get to collaborate with them on future projects. I am also such a fan of the director, Michael Lehmann's, as well as the creators and producers Ryan Murphy, Brad Balchuk, & Ian Brennan so getting to work with them was definitely a dream come true.


I am so grateful I continue to be able to live my childhood dream of being an actress. I will be forever amazed & obsessed with the magic of filmmaking. Films & TV continue to change my life on a daily basis. Whether to inspire and uplift, shock and awe, or simply give you an escape & make you laugh like crazy, the art of filmmaking is one of the most influential tools for positive change the world has to offer. Not to mention one of the greatest forms of teamwork between people from all different backgrounds possible. If any other little kid out there is reading this right now, or anyone of any age for that matter, has a dream and love for acting I would say, go after it with all your heart and never look back, creating and living a life you love is well worth it.


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