Tricks to living the happiest, healthiest, and most successful 2016

What if all you had to do to be your most happy, healthy and successful you, was to flip a switch?

Imagine this:  You woke up from a coma with no memory of who you used to be and you were told that you were one of the greatest actors of your generation, or a world-renowned brain surgeon, and they want you back when you are healthy.


Do you think you would act, think, feel, hold or conduct yourself differently than if you were told you where a janitor?

That's what is so powerful and beneficial about living from the Unbreakable mindset! A mindset where you know and utilize the power of the story you are telling yourself, the thoughts you are thinking, and the beliefs you have about yourself and the world around you. Because once you believe you are something, you actually embody it.


This is the same mindset an action hero would embrace, having an empowering belief system in who you really are and who you were born to be. The best part about this is that you get to choose this.


The problem is that most people don’t do this work. If you really believed, with every fiber of your being that you were the best actor of your generation, wouldn’t you speak, think, feel, hold, and conduct yourself differently than if you just hoped you were good? You would speak more clearly, connect deeper with characters, be more captivating to watch, and be confident in all of your choices.


Our brain is like an electrical switch. Once we introduce it to the proper voltage, it is going to be triggered in a way that opens up your mind to limitless possibilities that are already inside you and will take you straight to your target.


So if you are unsure about who you are and who you want to be, then you will never see your dreams become manifest. Start this new year living the life you want to live and be the person you want to be (and if you want, you can do it in a fun, badass way) take on the Unbreakable mindset of "Action Hero at Life."


In every new situation you find yourself in, visualize your favorite action hero and ask how they would think and act in this situation. Now step into that character and watch your life unfold into whole new adventures. This can be fun and fulfilling!                                                                               

What new belief can you rewire your brain with today that will empower you to be your action hero self today?