Tim Ferris Unbreakable Highlights


Founder and CEO of Under Armour


  1. Find your Darth Vader. Luke Skywalker wouldn’t be him if he didn’t have his Darth Vader.
  2. Stop the “Loser Talk." Stop making, looking for, and finding excuses to not go after your idea.
  3. Be famous for one thing first. Great entrepreneurs take one product and make it the very best before moving on to other products.
  4. Make fast decisions. Sometimes a better decision is just to make a decision. So many people hold off and don’t do anything. Just start.
  5. Version 2 will always be better than version 1. Get it out there, sell version 1 and then improve upon it.  Start one day at a time and keep moving forward.
  6. You are not a product, you are a person. A product cannot improve itself, you can.
  7. Take that leap of faith, and just get started. It will be scary, you will have struggles, but struggle forwards towards your dreams.
  8. Take the lessons you learned from “version 1.” Take that leap of faith, and apply those lessons to create the “version 2."
  9. Be great. The greater you are, the greater your company will be.
  10. Don't waist time telling people about your vision. Just show them.


Favorite Quotes
"I was lucky enough to not listen to people. I was smart, to be naive enough, to not know what we could not accomplish.” "Why not us? Why not now?"
"I didn’t care what others said … all I cared about was making the best stretchy shirt in the world. The best products always wins…. you are never done.. always keep evolving. " - Kevin Plank


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