BeDisruptive Workshops

"A Visual Movement With A Message"


Determined to help others create a life they love, Rachele Brooke Smith and Nikki Soohoo, created an interactive workshop using the power of music, movement, and empowering messaging.


Question - your thoughts. 
Challenge - your beliefs. 
Change - your habits
Create - A life you love

Our mission:

"Inspiring entertainers and entrepenuers to celebrate their unique awesomeness and create a life they love."

About Us:

Rivals on screen, but best friends in real life, Rachele Brooke Smith and Nikki SooHoo are a dynamic duo best known for their starring acting roles in hit movies like “Bring It On: Fight to the Finish,” the cheerleading movie, “Center Stage: Turn It Up,” the dance movie, and “Stick It” and “Chalk It Up” the gymnastics movies.

Workshop Content: What We Do - (or How We Empower and Inspire your teams) 

  • Inspire students with personal stories of how we’ve created lives that we love by living out our goals and dreams.
  • Q&A about entertainment industry, health and fitness, and entrepreneurship
  • Fun, inspiring, high energy follow along dance choreography session
  • Team building & personal development exercises 
  • Ending Group picture
  • Shop Disruptive Apparel: personally autographed shirts and individual pictures
  • Bonus Option: Pre-order specific shirts for your school or team (color, sizes, sayings)

*Free Giveaways: Disruptive Apparel autographed Tshirts*

Contact Info:

Rachele Brooke Smith

Nikki SooHoo @nikkisoohoo


Disruptive Sayings for Team Customization





"You can't scare me I'm A Cheerleader " 
"Life before likes" (classic & fun version ) 
"You can't scare me I'm a Dancer "
"Namaste at Cheer "
"I don't stress I de-Stress" 
"Be Disruptive "
"Namaste at Dance" 
"My favorite filter is real life."
"Barbie? I prefer action figure"
"F average, I'm a limited edition"
“Namaste your shit”
“You can’t scare me I’m a Gymnast" 
"I don't work I flow "
"I don't hit goals I slay them"
"Yoga anarchist "
“Nama Slay “ 
I don't just crush routines I slay them” 
“You can’t scare me I'm a _________ “